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WordPress on AWS EC2 Container Service

This week I had the task of starting up a new WordPress site for a start up wedding industry company. Since I like tinkering and wanted more experience working with AWS tools, I decided that would be the perfect place to host it. Shared hosting is boring and I’ve set it up multiple times before. Hosting one small WordPress site using an entire machine is probably overkill, so I decided to make use of Amazons new Docker service, ECS, and set up a container I could start on a machine. Having no experience with Docker or with launching a WP site in AWS, here is how I got the site running and somewhat optimized. This may be a little naive, but it was a great learning experience. This is not a step by step guide, but a general idea of what it takes to actually get a simple blog running in a complicated infrastructure.


Welcome to my site, I’m starting to write about things that interest me, things I’ve learned, and just random thoughts that come along. I’m a software engineer and I’ve worked on platforms ranging from avionics, to .NET, to web dev with Python and Ruby. Hopefully I can pass on some knowledge and interesting tidbits along the way. Stick around and we’ll have some fun.

I’m experimenting with different technologies and wanted to try something new so this site is being hosted on GitHub pages using Octopress. Next up, styling and getting this to look a bit less early 2000’s.